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In their own ways, both Berlin and Istanbul feel the tug of an East-West divide, as well the clash of cosmopolitan ideas and traditional customs. As the cities interact more and more, however, other divides become more apparent. Highlighting current divides and developments around sexuality, the Schwules Museum has put together the group exhibition ğ – the soft g, which explores "the transcultural exchange of LGBTIQ+ people between Turkey and Germany." Featuring talks, workshops, readings and performances during and after the opening, this promises to be an eye-opening event for anyone looking to learn how sexual identity and cultural identity collide, interact and affect one another.


An exhibition examining sexual identity and migration in different parts of the world.
The need to cultivate empathy and understanding is more urgent now than ever.
Schwules Museum, Lützowstraße 73, 10785 Berlin
Opening, Mar. 2, 7-10 p.m. Exhibit, Mar. 2-May 29. Mon., Weds., Fri. & Sun., 2-6 p.m.; Thurs., 2-8 p.m.; Sat., 2-7 p.m.
See full program online & more info on Facebook.