Even the most law-abiding art lover has felt the tiniest urge to lift a jaw-dropping piece from a museum and scurry home with it. Resist the desire to become an art thief and exit through the gift shop instead. Actually, just go straight to the gift shop — Shop at the Museum is an online gift and souvenir concept store where you can snatch the best works from your favorite museums in France and abroad. Remember the Sky Umbrella you were dying to buy but couldn't because of suitcase limitations? (Not bitter. Not at all.) Now it can be yours. Grab two and gift one to a fellow city dweller who needs to stay dry and chic on rainy mornings.


A online boutique where you can buy gifts from the best national and international museums.
Where else can you get a Le Corbusier–inspired silk scarf and a Magritte-style pillowcase in one go?