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For months now, everyone has talked about it — on TV, in the newspapers, over dinner, on coffee breaks. It's no surprise that the presidential election is on everyone's lips, since the future of our country is at stake. But something more troubling is also at stake: the fate of millions of Syrian people. So this Sunday, after the results of the election's first round, join us for the live streaming of Requiem for Aleppo, meant as a non-political expression of solidarity with the Syrian people. Featuring 12 dancers from around the world, the production involves choral music, Arabic poetry and stories from Aleppo residents. Show some support and listen to their experiences.


Requiem for Aleppo aims to raise funds and awareness for Syria.
As citizens of the globe, we can show our support to the people of Syria.
In-person tickets are sold out; watch the live stream via Facebook or YouTube.
Apr. 23, 7:30 p.m.
You can support by donating on Indiegogo or JustGiving.