Would you rather eat or drink your calories? Intoxycake takes care of that dilemma by combining both. Jennie has been intoxicating citizens of Shanghai with the city's first alcohol-infused cupcakes. But these bites aren't just spiked for a buzz: The alcohol keeps the cupcakes nice and moist with no preservatives added. Jennie experiments with flavors like banoffee (with graham cracker, caramel, banana and rum) and red velvet (with cream cheese icing and a lychee liqueur injection). Our favorite was the Nutella Fixation, topped with Ferrero Rocher and infused with Baileys Irish Cream. It'll solve all of life's problems. Wechat: intoxycakeme.


Have your cake and drink it too with Intoxycake: Shanghai's first alcohol-infused cupakes.
Jennie experiments with flavors like the rum-infused banoffee and the lychee liqueur-infused red velvet.
Project Aegis, 1 Taojiang Lu, near Dongping Lu, Xuhui district.
For more information on flavors and availability, contact Jennie on Wechat: intoxycakeme.