Question: what happens when the lights go out? Answer: You light a candle. (Duh.) And not just any candle, but a soy wax candle from Re-Kindled. Heather handcrafts eco-friendly soy wax candles — soy wax burns longer and is healthier to breathe in — that come in a range of shapes and scents. Choose from the classic Re-Kindled, simple candle jar, shining star teacup (our fave) or the Oriental essence, then add your desired scent: creamy cappuccino, grape expectations, exotic jasmine, a walk in the woods or fresh laundry. You'll be turning the lights off just for fun.


Choose Re-Kindled handcrafted and eco-friendly soy wax candles the next time the lights go out.

Soy wax is not only a longer-burning wax, but it's also healther to breathe in, too.
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