Did you know North Americans discard 68 pounds of clothes and textiles per person every year? Or that the fashion industry is the second-biggest polluter? Sobering stats, but a new local startup called My Modern Closet is working to combat fashion waste with a fresh approach. Instead of trashing your out-of-season clothes or hauling them to the consignment store, just make an appointment on MMC's website. Staffers will come to your house, pick up your clothes (just throw 'em in a bag) and sell your "collection" via MMC's online shop and pop-up events. Plus, you get paid within 24 hours of pickup whether the clothes sell or not. No waste, no regrets and more space in your closet.


A brand-new Vancouver-based online clothing consignment service.
It makes consigning your clothes easy and decreases fashion waste.
Book and shop online.

Serena Matter

Serena Matter is a writer, trendspotter and founder of the lifestyle magazine The Wanderlust Report. When she's not uncovering the newest hotspots as Savoteur's Canadian editor, you can find her posting her escapades on Instagram and Twitter.