You recycle, you hardly ever use plastic, and while you haven't gone full vegan, you do meatless Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Offset your carbon footprint even more with Parkbus, a nonprofit bus service providing an easy and affordable way for you to ditch your car and still get out of Toronto. Parkbus offers day trips from the city to spots like Albion Hills, Rattlesnake Point and Heart Lake as well as overnight excursions to the gorgeous Bruce Peninsula National Park, Killarney in the La Cloche Mountains and the Georgian Bay Islands. Guided camping and climbing tours and group rates are also available. Escaping into the great outdoors has never been this sustainable. Hop on.


Parkbus is a nonprofit project developing sustainable tourism and transportation.
Because loving nature means respecting nature.
Multiple pickup points across Toronto.
May-Oct. Dates vary.
For more info, visit