Being an adult is hard. Adulting 24/7/365? Terrible idea. You could break it up with childlike activities every few days, like jumping on a trampoline or wasting an afternoon playing video games — or you could just choose Craig's Cookies. Craig Pike bakes some of the most sinfully sweet chocolate chip cookies in Toronto. Craig uses a classic recipe his mother taught him as a child, then adds his own inventive twists that will delight your inner kid: Think flavours like cinnamon bun, strawberry Pop-Tart and Reese's Pieces. He also creates one-of-a-kind flavors for the holidays. For Easter this spring, he stuffed cookies with Cadbury Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs. Holy yum.


At Craig's Cookies you'll find an assortment of fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies.
These 🍪  are the real deal.
Order before 5 p.m. for next-day delivery.
Order online or through Foodora.

By Erin Scheel

Erin is a food lover, Blog Girl and social media junkie in a constant search of a full belly. When she's not curating Toronto Savoteur, she enjoys cooking, board games, vintage clothes, chocolate milk, craft cider, French fries, leftovers ... and working it all off at the gym. Follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.