Never mix business with pleasure, the adage goes. Except for when getting into Escobar, which requires some work. The only way to enter the secret bar on the upper level of Baro is by uttering the daily password. Look for it online or on social media, or ask staff to unlock the door. You'll enter a cozy space complete with subway tiles, neon signs, leather barstools and other speakeasy linchpins. There's no official menu, but while there we sipped the Madremonte, a take on the mojito spiked with carbonated grape, and the Baro Sour, featuring Peruvian and Chilean piscos with passionfruit, guava and raspberry blossom honey. It's so good that you'll want to keep it a secret too.


Escobar is a password-protected speakeasy serving a changing menu of cocktails.
Because drinking there feels like you're part of a secret gang.
485 King St. W., King West, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4
Baro, daily, 5 p.m.-midnight. Escobar's hours are a little more mysterious. Go and find out.
Look for the daily password online, on social media, ask staff or try Googling it.