Chocolate, candy hearts and red roses are a thing of the past when it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day with your honey. This year we are kissing boring traditions good-bye and embracing creative, original, unpredictable ways to celebrate love. (Okay, I lied about one thing: Flowers are not boring and are always a good idea to bring along on one of these magical dates.)

Learn Salsa Dancing

Whether you want to book a private class or join a group, you'll have access to some of the best salsa teachers the city has to offer at Toronto Latin Dance. After your hourlong lesson you can show off your moves at one of the many Latin dance clubs in the Annex area. 


Brave the CN Tower EdgeWalk

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Research shows that adrenaline-pumping activities bring people closer together. Get gutsy and walk around the roof of the CN Tower to experience a heart-pounding thrill with your adventurous valentine. The EdgeWalk is seasonal, so book now and build up your courage till it opens in April.


Explore Indian Flavors

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Arvinda’s popular Indian cooking classes make for a sweet and spicy date for food lovers. Mother-daughter duo Arvinda and Preena blend cooking and culture to teach you proper techniques, share lessons on cuisine from all over India and introduce you to the spices of the country. These veg-friendly classes are offered on weekends in Oakville at Whole Foods Market and in Toronto at Nella Cucina. The V-Day events are sold out, but you can book for March and in the meantime prepare your own feast (see below...).


Have an Indoor Picnic

February isn't exactly the time for an alfresco meal. Take advantage of winter — it gives you and your snookums the perfect excuse to cuddle up indoors. Instead of ordering takeout, head to a specialty grocery store and gather all the makings of a delicious picnic (we love Cheese Boutique and Pusateris for gourmet eats). Once the shopping is complete, grab a bottle of bubbly and spread a blanket on your living-room floor. Pretend you're outside enjoying the warm summer weather with wine and cheese, sandwiches and homemade cookies. Make it even more romantic and "camp out" in your living room for a night. You can even build your own blanket fort.


Wine Tasting 

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Niagara on the Lake is only about a 90-minute drive and makes for a dreamy Valentine’s getaway. Go for a day of wine tasting or pack an overnight bag and stay at a local B&B or hotel for the night. Find accommodations, restaurants, vineyard maps, tours and more on the city's eminently helpful tourism website.


Create a Digital Scavenger Hunt

Since we're on our phones 24/7 anyway, why not create a little mystery date using your sweetie's favorite online platforms? Start with a “Happy Valentine’s Day” text with a little clue telling them where to go first, maybe a coffee shop where you have prepaid for their favourite drink. When they arrive at the destination send them another clue over Snapchat letting them know where to go next  maybe it’s a manicure for her or a proper shave for him. Finally, send a digital invitation with the exact location for your Valentine’s Day date. At that point, social media can take a backseat.

By Erin Scheel

Erin is a food lover, Blog Girl and social media junkie in a constant search of a full belly. When she's not curating Toronto Savoteur, she enjoys cooking, board games, vintage clothes, chocolate milk, craft cider, French fries, leftovers ... and working it all off at the gym. Follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.