There are three types of people in the world: those who suit the past, those who suit the present (is #yolo still a thing?) and those who suit the future. At Bonbonnière, you'll feel right at home if you're the first kind. Think all the kitsch and glamour of Vienna in the '30s, replete with silk tapestries, chandeliers, angels and baroque trimmings. A pianist starts playing old tunes from 9 p.m. most nights, and you'll glimpse the proprietor chatting to eccentric regulars. The cocktail menu is as small as the space, serving classic drinks only. Hard to find, only the most determined will seek it. But if you've been longing for your own Midnight in Paris experience, you'll prevail.


Bonbonnière piano bar takes old-world charm up a notch.
Because actual time travel is still not a thing.
Spiegelgasse 15, 1010 Vienna
For more info, call +43 1 5126886.


Stergios Prapas

Stergios is an art collector, an investor, an entrepreneur and a father of a beautiful daughter. He's also a freeletics freak and a lover of good food and great wines.