A converted train warehouse stuffed with quirky heirlooms and midcentury furniture. A secret kitchen that serves up sushi, ceviche and deliciously Frankenstein-y Nikkei dishes. The enviable home of an eccentric antiques dealer. This is all under the roof of La Pasionaria, a Palermo haven hidden in plain sight. From the outside it looks like any other Palermo home, but owner Pancho Salomón welcomes curious shoppers to peruse his library of collectibles. And at night his son, Gaspar, turns out Peruvian-Japanese food. If you fall in love with the beautiful vintage dishes or the couch you're sitting on or the coffee table, you can take them all home with you. No, not your usual restaurant.


An antiques shop slash secret Peruvian-Japanese dinner.
Because listening to live samba while eating sushi on antique plates in a secret warehouse is about as Buenos Aires as it gets.
By appt.
Mon.-Fri., 11 a.m.-8 p.m.; consult for dinners
By appt. only. Call 015 5913 6519.


By Kevin Vaughn

When Kevin isn't writing about Buenos Aires food and culture, he's guiding travelers to Buenos Aires with his intimate arts and lifestyle tours via Buenos Aires Art Tours. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.