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One hundred fifty thousand photographs, many undeveloped, were nearly lost forever to the garbage bin. Lucky for us, a curious archivist at a junk auction bought a few boxes' worth of old film canisters and introduced the world to Vivian Maier. A nanny by trade and photographer by blood, Maier is remembered fondly by the children she took care of as always wearing her signature Rolleiflex around her neck like an oversize pendant. FoLa, the Latin American Photography Collection, is showcasing a few dozen of her distinctive black-and-white photographs, which offer a crash course into Maier's mind and her obsession with capturing daily life through the lens of her camera.


The first Vivian Maier retrospective in Buenos Aires.
She was one of the world's most prolific street photographers.
Godoy Cruz 2626
Until June 11. Mon., Tues. & Thurs.-Sun., noon-8 p.m.
$80 entrance fee.


By Kevin Vaughn

When Kevin isn't writing about Buenos Aires food and culture, he's guiding travelers to Buenos Aires with his intimate arts and lifestyle tours via Buenos Aires Art Tours. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.